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Ring Sizing Sunshine Coast – Jewellery Repair

Whether you are shopping for a ring for yourself or a special someone, it is not unusual to be stumped by the question “what size?”. So how do you know your ring size? There are many different ways to measure ring size, some involving online charts and a piece of string. This method requires you to wrap a piece of string around your finger and mark where the end of string meet around your finger, then you lay this string against a line on a chart. These charts can be found online and show you what your size is based on the length of your string. This method, while easy to do at home with few tools needed, is not always the most accurate.

The size of ring you need depends on a lot more than your actual size. Seasons play a large role in the size of our fingers, as they tend to swell in summer or when it is especially hot. For us here in Australia this can be for the most part of the year. Therefore, if you buy a ring that fits you in summer, in winter you may find it a bit looser. Most jewellers recommend warming your hands to room temperature before trying on rings to ensure an accurate fit, especially if you have naturally colder hands or have come in from cool temperatures. There are more effective ways of measuring including using a ring sizer. Most jewellers should have a ring sizer for you to use. The jeweller should also be able to help you determine how to choose the right size. A general rule is that your ring should be snug meaning that it goes on easily but requires more effort to get off.

What to do if you have bought or been given a ring that is the wrong size.

If you have bought a ring or been gifted one that does not fit perfectly, for example, it seemed to fit fine in the shop, but you realise that is slides off throughout the day, r if you have just been given a gorgeous engagement ring but are unable to wear it because it is falling off, or perhaps you have been handed down an heirloom ring that is the wrong size… there is no need to risk them falling off to wear these, or simply not wear them at all.

Ring resizing done by a professional jeweller will allow you to enjoy your rings and give you peace of mind knowing that they are the perfect fit. Master jeweller, Siobhan Frith  can resize your ring. Siobhan has had many clients come to her after receiving scarily high quotes for resizing from retail jewellery stores, sometimes more than double Siobhan’s quote. What’s more, all resizing and repairs are done right here in the studio – usually by the next day – and even same day in some instances – so no need to risk sending your precious pieces away or to wait for weeks for their return.

For jewellery resizing call Siobhan for a no obligation quote or consultation.