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Jewellery Repair Sunshine Coast

It can be upsetting when a treasured item of jewellery breaks, wears or scratches. There is no need, however, to throw away this item or keep it at the bottom of the jewellery box. Instead, look into jewellery repair and restoration services. Most retail jewellery stores will offer a third-party repair service to you at a cost. However, we believe that this shouldn’t be your first option. Here is why…

It is more expensive

Siobhan has encountered many customers who have been quoted more than double her price from major jewellery stores, even if the jewellery piece was purchased from that store. If you buy a new ring from a store, they should never charge you to resize it!

Many of these stores will also require a quote or consultation that will incur a fee. At Frith Jewellery by Siobhan, you can enjoy a no-obligation quote or consultation regarding any of your jewellery services. You can even send an image of the piece to Siobhan via email to have an online discussion about your options.

It can take longer

Many jewellery stores send customers items to an off-site third-party workshop for jewellery repairs and restoration. This can mean that there is a long delay in having your jewellery returned back to you. Siobhan completes all of her repairs and restorations in her Eumundi workshop where customers will drop off or send the jewellery to initially. Therefore, with Frith Jewellery by Siobhan, your item will be expertly repaired and remodelled by a master jeweller and return to you quickly so you can enjoy your loved item as soon as possible.

It most likely won’t be repaired by a master jeweller.

Siobhan has over 30 years of experience in the jewellery trade and in that time has gained a wealth of knowledge and skills, earning her the title of Master Jeweller as well as many other awards. Few can compare with Siobhan’s expertise and experience. When getting jewellery repairs, jewellery restoration or jewellery remodelling from Siobhan, you know your piece is in good hands and will be treated with care and will return back to you potentially better than when you first purchased it.

Master Jeweller – Jewellery Repair & Remodelling Sunshine Coast