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Handmade Jewellery Sunshine Coast

We have a lot of people ask why they should choose to purchase fine handmade jewellery over mass-produced pieces from retail stores. So here are just four reasons why handmade is best.

1. Lasts a lifetime

Handmade jewellery will last longer than any mass-manufactured jewellery pieces. Handmade jewellery items can last and be cherished for a lifetime and passed down for generations to come. The process of rolling, bending, hammering and shaping of the metal strengthens it meaning that your piece will resist bending and losing shape. When it comes to mass-made jewellery the piece is not made with the same care and skill as a handmade jewellery item. Mass produced rings also lose their shape much easier and can wear and thin. Handmade jewellery generally has a unique crispness and a higher quality polish.

2. Personalised and Customised

When buying a mass-produced piece of jewellery, you have no freedom to make it your own. With handmade jewellery, you have the option to design your own piece, alter existing designs, choose your own stones and metals and work with the jeweller to create a piece that is unique to you and one of a kind. Mass-produced jewellery is not made especially for a particular customer but for a wide range of people. A handmade piece is made with you and your ideas in mind.

3. Supporting local craftsman

Jewellery is an art form and an ancient one at that. Few have perfected the art of creating fine handmade jewellery and it takes many years to master. That is why it is great to support those who have put in the hard yards and have spent the time perfecting their passion and craft. When you buy a handmade piece of jewellery you are enabling a craftsman to continue to do what they love. The quality of their jewellery is incomparable to factory-made pieces and are made to love and to last.

4. Cost-effective

As your handmade jewellery item is of the highest quality and made to last, it is a much more cost-effective option. You will not need to buy a new item, or have it repaired for many years, if ever. Mass-produced items will likely wear and break within a few years. If your piece contains precious jewels and gemstones such as diamonds which are worth a significant amount of money, it is more cost-effective to choose handmade jewellery. The reason being that the setting of the gemstone has been carved out specially and the claws on a ring will be extremely hard and durable meaning your stone is safe and secure. With mass-produced items, you run the risk of losing your stone due to breaking claws or a mis carved setting. Also, did you know that some retail jewellers can put as much as 400% mark up on their overseas made products? So you could be paying much more for poor quality than a customised and long-lasting handmade piece.

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